Friday, October 4, 2013

Why LED Lights are future over traditional Fluorescent tube light ?

1. Energy-saving, the brightness of LED light is same as that of traditional fluorescent tube light; it can save more than 70% energy than fluorescent tube.

2. Long life time, it is more than 50,000 hours, no maintenance, and can save labour cost.

3. Environment friendly, LED light will no ultraviolet and infrared radiation, no mercury pollution and other poisonous materials (when the fluorescent tube break, it will release mercury which is harmful to human health). And less heat release; old fluorescent tube can be used again.

4. No flash, start fast, is the best light source to protect human eyes.

5. No noisy, because LED tube light don’t need ballast and starter.

6. Solid light source, easy to be shipped and prevent vibration; PC material is not easy to be broke and pressed.

7. Wide application, can be used in office building, factory, shopping mall, school, public area and home lighting and decoration.

8. No mosquito and other bugs (on the contrary, when fluorescent tube is working, it release out ultraviolet and attract mosquito come), but LED tube will not give out ultraviolet to attract mosquito, this ensure clear and comfortable environment.

9. Rich color, can make LED tube at different color to meet different requirements.

10. Broad usage, the shape and size of LED tube light is same as fluorescent tube, people can use LED tube to replace fluorescent tube directly.

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