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EFFE Vs BRANDED Street Lamps


* Replacement of 4 feet Fluorescent Tube Light (FTL)
ParameterDescriptionEFFEMNC BrandedRemarks
Optical  No of LED's                                                                   8  10  LED at lower operating current than the maximum rating will give higher Efficacy and results in less stress on the LED which will give more life.
  LED operating current                                                           (mA)400  710  
  LED max rated current                                                          (mA)1000  1000  
  % of max current rating used in LED                                                  40  71  
 Fixture secondary opticsLens  None  Lens will spread the light along the length of the road on to the useful area avoiding light spill on to the unwanted areas outside the road.
  Lamp lumen output                                                               (Lumen)1100  1650  
 Color temperature                                                                  (Kelvin)6500  5600  
  Efficacy                                                                                     (lm/W)95.65  67.48  
Thermal Solder point temperature raise @ 25°C ambient              ( °C)11  24.53  Less LED junction temperature raise will give more reliability and less  lumen depreciation.
Junction temperature above 75°C will   cause more Light loss over the time and faster damage to LED's.
The lower the light loss over time, the higher the lamp's lumen maintenance.
 Estimated Junction temperature raise @ 25°C ambient  ( °C)42.96  70.83  
 Estimated Junction temperature raise @ 35°C ambient  ( °C)52.96  80.83  
 Estimated Junction temperature raise @ 45°C ambient  ( °C)62.96  90.83  
Electrical  Lamp power (DC)                                                                    (volts)9.16  20.66  54% of the energy saved as compared to branded unit
  Electrical I/P power (AC) (Lamp+Driver)                           (Watt)11.3  24.45  
  Power Factor                                                              0.95  0.97  
  Efficiency                                                                                  ( % )81.06  84.50  
  Power supply PCB gradeDouble side-FR4  Single side  Thermal raise within the driver will degrade the output rating as well as life. The lesser the raise the better is the life and performance.
The grade of the components used and the design concepts such as redundancy in the circuit will reduce the stress and increase the reliability of operation.
  Capacitors                                                Dual with    Redundancy  Single  
  Input Line filter circuit                                                     Yes  Yes  
  Driver short circuit protectionYes  Yes  
  Driver open circuit protectionYes  Yes  
  Driver I/P surge voltage protectionIEC 61000-4-5    
  Driver transient voltage protectionIEC 61000-4-4  ?   
  Driver voltage dips and interruption immunityIEC 61000-4-11   
  Temperature raise in power supply housing compartment    (°C)20  30  
Mechanical  Luminaire CoverToughened Glass  Polycarbonate Anti-abrasiveness of the Glass improves the Clarity and reduces the Optical transmission losses over the life.
  Housing typeAluminium Die casting  Aluminium Die casting  Good thermal conductor and has good corrosion resistance for longer life.
  Ingress ProtectionIP65  IP65  Gives robust operation over the most rough environmental conditions such as rain and dust storms.
  Case temperature raise above ambient (heat sink)      (°C)8  22  
Performance  24 X 7 OperationYes  ?   Specific proven design practices and material types only support 24X 7 reliable operation and not all designs are meant for 24X7 operation.
Effe has a number of products designed for 24X 7 operation .
 Operating Ambient temperature range                           (°C)0 to 60  0 to 50  
  Warranty                                                                              (years)5  As Declared  5 year warranty & 10 year life comes from the industrial grade materials , proven manufacturing technology , rugged design and thorough testing.
Not compromising on quantity and quality of material
  Life                                                                                         (years)10  ?  
Illumination Pattern

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